Rescue Stories

Below are just a few examples of the way HPA has helped pets and their owners in our community.

New Beginnings

We all want what is best for those we love. When a person nears the end of life, physical and emotional difficulties can make pet care and disposition a lower priority than before. HPA seeks to lessen these issues through education, outreach and direct assistance in emergencies. Here are a few stories of those we have been able to help.

Sometimes cats need more than nine lives.

There are many more cats in the world than dogs. This overabundance of cats poses some problems of it's own. Here are a few stories of how our cats have overcome the odds and found happy homes.

Maisie and Daisy were loved, but had a challenging life. Their former owner was not only terminally ill, but had other issues that complicated the situation. As a result, there were no records nor arrangements for their continued care. After she died, they came to the HPA. No next of kin were found, so they were declared abandoned. Daisy was traumatized and could not be handled safely - so immediate rehoming was not possible. Maisie was more friendly - but could not be separated from her sister. HPA was able to coordinate with another local rescue group to find a skilled foster to work on socialization and rehabilitation. They are currently in Portland learning how to interact with people, and will soon they will be ready to love and trust again. Special thanks to West Coast Cat and Dog Rescue for their tireless efforts on the girls’ behalf!

Nikki was an only cat who had been showered with love and well taken care of for several years before his ‘mom’ fell ill. Unfortunately, his owner had to be moved to a facility for more intensive caregiving at the end of life, and Nikki’s extended family were overwhelmed by these difficult and rapidly changing circumstance. They reached out to our HPA volunteer for help, which we were happy to provide. Though Nikki spent his first few days with us in hiding, with time and many brushings (his favorite thing!), he warmed up to us and proved to be a very affectionate boy. In time, several people in the community stepped forward to lend a hand - and Nikki went on to a loving new home. Thanks to the multiple volunteers who played a part in Nikki’s journey.

Gracie may look like a delicate flower, but she started her life on the streets. Living in the woods behind an apartment complex, she finally came in from the cold when a disabled patient started feeding her. Gracie soon found her way into his heart - and his home. Unfortunately, her new owner had already been diagnosed with a terminal condition - and would only own her for a year before succumbing to it. When he died, his highly allergic daughter could not take Gracie in - and she faced being left in the back meadow for the neighbors to (hopefully) take pity on. Luckily, HPA could help - and it wasn't long before one of our own decided to make Gracie the princess of her new castle. Thanks so much to ADK for opening your doors to Gracie!

Oscar was a HUGE cat - with an even bigger heart! Found living in a dumpster in the apartment complex of a hospice patient, Oscar had been left behind when his previous owners had suddenly moved away. No-one would touch him because he appeared diseased thanks to a flea allergy, but with a donated cardboard box and a handy pair of latex gloves - our faithful volunteer saved the day. Emaciated, dehydrated and missing a lot of hair - Oscar was hardly the beauty he would become, but his loving nature and gentle ways shone through. With generous discounts from a local vet, Oscar was brought back to beauty and health. One look at this gentle giant was all it took for Sandy - his new forever mom - to take him home. A special thank you to Q Street Animal Hospital for their emergent intake and wonderful care of Oscar!

It's a dog's life.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. This variety makes it hard to find a home for many dogs. Here are a few stories of how our dogs have overcome the odds and found happy homes.

Hazel came to us when she was 2 years old. Though she had been loved, her life hadn't been easy. She had been a gift to a disabled teenager who could not care for her alone, so the boy’s grandmother had provided much of Hazel’s care at home. Easygoing, but energetic and untrained, Hazel spent the majority of her time in a dog carrier. When her elderly caregiver died, the family were too overwhelmed to care for Hazel as well as provide for the young man’s special needs. Luckily, Hospice Pet Advocates was able to help. With some basic medical care, training in manners and little patience, we were able to find Hazel a new forever home with a loving local family! Thanks so much to Hazel’s new owners for giving her a much deserved happy ending.

Teddy had been a spoiled ‘only boy’ for eight years when his doting owner fell ill. Unfortunately, her disease progressed so rapidly that she could soon do little more than provide for Teddy’s basic needs for food and water. When the patient passed away, her only son was left homeless himself, unable to take care of Teddy - so he did the loving thing and gave Teddy over to our care. When he came to us, Teddy was well fed, but had a badly abscessed tooth and toenails over an inch long. Thankfully, we were able to coordinate with a local dog rescue who provided needed medical care and grooming, eventually placing him with a loving new family. Thank you so much to the wonderful people at Wiggly Tails for helping Teddy to heal and find home again!