Our Founders

The HPA began when founders Ruth Helle, a medical social worker, and hospice nurse Thea Peck were asked to take custody of a dog facing abandonment due to a patient’s death. Operating with little more than a leash, an empty shed and good intentions, the HPA was born. After this rescue, requests began coming in from other hospice workers seeking to help patients in similar circumstances. As the depth and breadth of the problem became more clear, Ruth and Thea teamed up with other concerned pet lovers to form a non-profit 501(c)3 organization aimed at alleviating the problem through education, outreach and direct assistance - Hospice Pet Advocates.

About Us

How We Can
Help You

Hospice Pet Advocates (HPA) provides pre-planning assistance, education, emergency services and advocacy for pet owners facing a terminal or life-limiting illness.

HPA also serves to educate the hospice community in how to assist patients and their families in pre-planning for their pets, as well as guidance in identifying pets at risk for unintended neglect or abandonment. We further aim to educate the larger community about this issue, and how it can be alleviated through pre-arranging care and disposition of animals should a medical emergency or death occur.

People Helping Pets

Our organization is 100% volunteer supported and funded by your private donations. All contributions to the HPA are tax deductible through our 501(c)3 status tax designation. Letters of acknowledgement for tax purposes are happily provided upon request.

Educating Professionals

HPA organizers welcome the opportunity to provide on-site inservices, education materials, outreach assistance, program development help and telephone advice to hospice caregivers, administration and other concerned staff. To learn more, or to schedule a visit from an HPA associate, contact us today!”

Part Of A Greater Whole

We are just a small part of the greater effort to help protect animals and assist challenged owners in our community. If you need assistance and are not a hospice patient or advocate, please see our list of other resources.

And much more...

This is just an overview of some of the ways HPA seeks to help pets in our community and the people that love them. To learn more about developing programs, community fundraisers and other HPA activities, please visit our News page. If you are interested in getting involved with us, please visit our Volunteers section, consider a monetary donation, or contact us directly for more information.